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>>>The 63rd EHS Class of 1962 Reunion will be held on September 19, 2025 at the Pensacola Yacht Club! If you didn't get a copy of the email, you can read about it on our Facebook page.

>>>The 2024 EHS Class of '62 Picnic will be held on May 11, 2024 at The Blue Angels Recreation Area. The flyer can be seen on our Facebook page!

>>>James Warren passed away in 2014. (10/2023)

>>>Julia Leite Hull passed away in 2023. (3/2023)

>>>Robert McAfee passed away in 2023. (3/2023)

>>>The wait is over! The videos for the 60th Reunion Dinner and School Tour are posted for your enjoyment and memories!(4/2022)

>>>Oh, the 60th Reunion was a blast! All who attended enjoyed the night and some even danced! And no ambulance was needed! Photos are posted on our FB page and soon on this website! We thank all who attended and missed those whose illnesses prevented them from being there.(4/2022)

>>>Opal Bryant Edgar passed away in 2022. (4/2022)

>>>Clara Andrews Bramlette passed away in 2019. (4/2022)

>>>WOW! The 60th EHS Class of '62 Reunion is planned for April 1. 2022. Check out the details on the Class of 1962 Facebook page! (01/2022)

>>>Marilyn Magness Risher passed away in 2022. (1/2022)

>>>Faye Penton Chandler passed away in 2021. (12/2021)

>>>Janice Jackson Crouch passed away in 2021. (08/2021)

>>>Eddie Hogebloom passed away in 2021. (08/2021)

>>>Michael Grissett passed away in 2021. (08/2021)

>>>Jerry Spivey passed away in 2020. (08/2021)

>>>Russell Cyphers passed away in 2021. (08/2021)

>>>Robin Potter Kennedy passed away in 2020. (07/2021)

>>>Ronnie (Robby) Robinson passed away in 2021. (07/2021)

>>>Paul Michael Hinnant passed away in 2021. (07/2021)

>>>Barney Beasley passed away in 2021. (01/2021)

>>>Jack Crocker passed away in 2020. (01/2021)

>>>Sue Thomsen passed away in 2020. (01/2021)

>>>Margaret Miller passed away in 2020. (01/2021)

>>>Franklin "Web" Anchors passed away in 2020. (01/2021)

>>>David Ivey passed away in 2020. (07/2020)

>>>Donna James Evans passed away in 2020. (07/2020)

>>>Donna Eccles Russell passed away in 2020. (07/2020)

>>>Dianne Baecher passed away in 2018. (07/2020)

>>>David Lassitter passed away in 2017. (04/2020)

>>>The 2020 EHS Clss of 1962 Picnic has been postponed indefinitely due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. When it is rescheduled, the new date will be posted here! (03/2020)

>>>Click to see 10th Reunion photos! What hair-dos! (03/2020)

>>>Georgann Brown McDonald passed away in May 2016. (02/2020)

>>>ALERT! ALERT! The 2020 EHS Class of 1962 Picnic is on May 2nd at the Blue Angels Park. Some changes this year so check out the flyer here! (02/2020)

>>>Burton Wilson passed away in February 2018. (01/2020)

>>>Fund raiser successful. Thanks to all who donated! This site will be up for another three years! (12/2019)

>>>We are having a fund raiser to keep this site up and running. Go to the Facebook page for details. (12/2019)

>>>John Hepkin passed away in August 2019. (10/2019)

>>>Donna Smothers Jordan passed away in August 2019. (10/2019)

>>>Freida Norris Lanton passed away in June 2019. (10/2019)

>>>Susan Dessell Moses passed away in June 2019. (06/2019)

>>>The 2019 EHS Class of '62 Picnic is on for April 27, 2019! Go to the Class of '62 Facebook page for all the info. Time is short but we would like to see you there. (04/2019)

>>>Linda Page Urbaniak passed away in January 2018. (01/2018)

>>> E.H.S. CLASS OF '62 ANNUAL PICNIC Last year we had 82 attendees, come join us for Fun, Food and Fellowship with classmates you may not have seen in years. Saturday, Oct. 7th 2017 - ll:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. BBQ Chicken, coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans, rolls, dessert. Tea and water. Catering provided by Wayne's Family Diner, Pensacola, Florida. (Wayne Blackmon, Owner, a former classmate. $10.00 adults, $5.00 for children.
Gulf Islands National Seashore, Naval Live Oaks Area Directions: East through Gulf Breeze 1/2 Mile past overpass, start looking left for orange and blue flags.
WE WILL ALSO HAVE 50/50 DRAWING FOR DOOR PRIZES. FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CONTACT EITHER: Dee Morris Calloway, 850-712-7254, OR: Linda Godwin Lewis, 850-206-8055,

>>>Links page has been cleaned and is now current.

>>>Barbara Toler Trawick passed away in August 2016. (08/2016)

>>>Grace Ward Edwards passed away in August 2016. (08/2016)

>>>Harold Crown passed away in March 2016. (04/2016)

>>>Joe Maden passed away in August 2016. (08/2016)

>>>Nan Malone Weaver passed away in March 2016. (03/2016)

>>>Robert Cox passed away in December 2015. (03/2016)

>>>EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT! You are invited to attend the E.H.S. Class of 1962's picnic on Saturday, May 7, 2016, 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. @ Blue Angel Recreations Park. Menu - BBQ CHICKEN, BEEF, PORK, POTATO SALAD, COLESLAW, BAKED BEANS, ROLLS, DESSERT, DRINKS PROVIDED! CATERED THIS YEAR BY WAYNE'S FAMILY DINER, PENSACOLA, FLORIDA, WAYNE BLACKMON,OWNER AND A FORMER CLASSMATE. PRICE: $10.00 PER PERSON/ CHILDREN UNDER 10 YRS OLD - $5.00 Print out the registration form here. (03/2016)

>>>EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT! You are invited to attend the E.H.S. Class of 1962's picnic on Saturday, May 2, 2015, 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. @ Blue Angel Recreations Park. Smokey's BBQ will be catering our food, cost is $15.00 per person. Hope to see you there! Print out the registration form here. (03/2015)

>>>Kay Henderson Spearman passed away in December, 2014. (12/2014)

>>>A slideshow of the Class of '62 2014 Picnic can be seen here. (08/2014)

>>>Bucky May passed away in May 2014. (05/2014)

>>>Richard Peek passed away in February 2014. (02/2014)

>>>EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT! You are invited to attend. The E.H.S. Class of 1962 is holding a picnic on Saturday, May 10, 2014, 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. @ Blue Angel Recreations Park. Smokey's BBQ will be catering our food, cost is $12.00 per person. *Registrations are required to attend. Set the date and plan to attend. Contact: Linda Godwin Lewis, 850 944-3431, 850 206-8055 cell, Email me @ Hope to see you there! Print out the registration form here. Thanks, Linda Lewis (02/2014)

>>>Tom Moody declined the Secretary and Webmaster duties. They are now open for volunteers. PLEASE! (08/2013)

>>>Jim Mims passed away in November, 2012. (11/2012)

>>>Tom Moody has stepped up and taken over as Reunion Committee secretary and as the Webmaster. Welcome aboard, Tom! (11/2012)

>>>This will be my last update to the Class Website. As of now, if no one offers to take over as Webmaster, it will be terminated in September of 2013. If the Reunion Committee extends the ISP contract, the Website can continue beyond that date as a static Website with no updates. It has been fun and I hope you enjoyed revisiting the good ol' days! (11/2012)

>>>Kenneth Mike Cooper passed away in 2003. A cousin notified me of this and asked that if anyone had memories about Mike's time at EHS to let me know so I can pass it on to him for family genealogical purposes. All I know is that he was on the basketball team in our senior year. (11/2012)

>>>Sharon Harmon Thoman passed away in October 2012. (11/2012)

>>>A German friend of Nick Chepult (when he was stationed in Germany) sent this:

"Just going through memories of old days I remembered having known a Nick Chepult III. who had been in service at the Bayreuth Airfield Germany during the second half of the 60s. He and some friends of his, one of them called Sam, used to come to our house frequently, obviously trying to avoid the normal hangouts for soldiers in the Army. Nick used to play "The red baron" with his superior using toy planes and he was generally just simply a nice guy. I sincerely hope that what I saw on this homepage is not the Nick we used to know. If, however, so please let his family know that he was great to be around and that - if I remember correctly - he enjoyed being over here, even though he really was not the Army type. Best regards, Petra"

>>>The 50th Reunion is a fond memory now and everyone enjoyed the good times shared during Friday and Saturday nights. Over 140 came Friday and over 190 on Saturday. Can you believe that? There is a slide show posted on the 50th Reunion page. I am asking for those who took pictures to send me what they will so they can also be posted on the Web page. I KNOW YOU TOOK PICTURES! THERE WERE FLASHES ALL OVER! The Reunion Committee appreciates all of those came and made the 50th an event to remember. Rekindled friendships abounded and there was some spirited dancing to some great 50s and 60s music. Who knew old people could move like that! The gift CD is a Power Point presentation and will only run on a PC. It is lengthy and takes a while to load, give it some time. (05/2012)

>>>Carole Venable Mumfird passed away in April 2012. (05/2012)

>>>Juanita Waldrop Key passed away in March 2012. (03/2012)

>>>The 50th Reunion Invitations and RSVPs were mailed on February 8, 2012! You should have yours by now and if you are coming and returning the RSVP, please make your check or money order out to EHS CLASS OF '62, not Harold Key. Click on the 50th Reunion link on the left and you will be able to view the attendees list and the invitation and RSVP. (01/2012)

>>>Thanks to your generosity, the Reunion Committee will be awarding another scolarship in 2012. A major change has been made in the Selection Criteria and now eligible applicants can be high school seniors or students currently enrolled in a college or trade school. The winner will be announced at the 50th Reunion. Check out the forms here: 2012 scholarship forms (02/2012)

>>>Gary Baisch passed away in August 2011. (01/2012)

>>>Sharon Bolman Morris passed away in November 2011. (12/2011)

>>>If you did not get the "Save The Date" email sent on August 16, here it is:

The EHS Class of 1962 Reunion Committee asks you to please save the dates of May 4, 5, and 6, 2012 for attending the 50th Reunion of the Escambia High School Class of 1962 . We are making sure this is the biggest and best Class of 62 reunion ever! Your being there will make it even better! The activities are a Meet and Greet at the New World Landing on Friday, May 4, a Dinner/Dance at the New World Landing on Saturday, May 5, and a Sunday Brunch on May 6. A tour of the EHS campus can be arranged on Saturday if there is interest. (08/2011)

>>>Gary Schappaugh passed away in October 2011. (10/2011)

>>>Faye Blanchard Alford passed away in September 2011. (10/2011)

>>>Gwen Barger Jones passed away in September 2011. (09/2011)

>>>Candid photos of life at EHS, the basketball game and motorcade can be supersized! Others are larger than usual, my photoshop skills are waning. (07/2011)

>>>Carol Dionne Hunter passed away in June 2011. (06/2011)

>>>There were no applicants for the 2011 scholarship. (06/2011)

>>>Just when you think it would never happen, the pictures from the 2011 Picnic are up! And more!Some are blurry but you get the picture. (06/2011)

>>>Congratulations to our own Brenda Trish who was inducted into the EHS Sports Hall of Fame in the Fall of 2006! (03/2011)

>>The 2011 Class of '62 Scholarship process is starting. This means a scholarship will be awarded to a close relative of one of our Classmates, and for this year. The description and application can be found here. You have made this possible through your attendance at Reunions and the annual picnics as well as monetary donations, all of which are appreciated! (3/2011)

>>>It is official! THe 50th Reunion will be the weekend of May 5th and 6th, 2012 at the New World Landing. New World Landing is at the foot of Palafox Street in downtown Pensacola and our 45th Reunion was held there. For the 50th, we have doubled the size of the room. There will be a meet and greet there on Friday night with the dinner and dance on Saturday night, followed by a picnic on Sunday. (03/2011)

>>>Hank Denton, Jr. passed away in February 2011. (02/2011)

>>>Adrian Farinas III passed away on February 2011. (02/2011)

>>>We have recently located the following "lost" classmates: Violet Christopher Rollins, Sonja Meadows Coggins, Paula Collins Mccleve, John Meyers, Ellis Baldwin, Donna Gray Garulski, Brenda Trish Porter, Denis Kembro, Pam Hughen Mosley, Thomas Taylor, Ronald Carroll, Skip Larson, Joel Williams, William Alford, Barbara Clement Davis, Dianne Early Bullock, Rich Werner, Ben Speed, John Sims, Freida Norris Lanton, Cookie Dixon Banks, and Rebecca McClellan Slingerland. You can help the Reunion Committee out by passing on email or snail mail addresses of classmates who show up as "lost" on the Classmates page. That will be those in Orange colors. (08/2011)

>>>Thomas Lang passed away in June 1979. (01/2011)

>>>Kenneth Williams passed away in January 2011. (01/2011)

>>>The date has been set for the 2011 Class of '62 Picnic! It is May 21st at the Naval Blue Angel Recreation Area! Hope to see you there! (1/2011)

>>>FOUND! Dorothy "Dottie" Bolling Knight sent in her Address Update and is no longer "lost"! Another possible attendee for the 50th! Welcome! (12/2010)

>>>Our Facebook link here and below has been fixed and will now go directly to the Facebook page. (12/2010)

>>>Wniting Andrews III passed away in November 2010. (12/2010)

>>>Leo Zimmerman passed away in June 2010. (05/2010)

>>>Tommy Hall passed away in May 2010. (05/2010)

>>>The pictures for the 2010 Picnic are here AND THE SCREEN IS LARGER! Thanks to Dick Johnson, Nancy Newell's husband, we have more picnic photos!. (05/2010)

>>>There were two scholarship winners this year, Logan Bass (grandson of Jim and Bonnie Griffis Lewis) and Michael Mason (grandson of Sharon Harmon Thoman) Congratulations to both winners! (05/2010)

>>>Catherine Daniels Williams passed away in May 2008 (05/2010)

>>>2010 Picnic Attendees in PDF. (04/2010)

>>>Ben Osterburg passed away in June 2008 (04/2010)

>>>Jackie Hess Miller passed away in March 2010 (04/2010)

>>We now have our own Facebook page! Feel free to drop by! Go to Facebook and sign up. (1/2010)

>>Frank Filek passed away in December 2009.

>>>It is OFFICIAL! The 2010 Class of '62 Picnic will be on May 15, 2009 at the Blue Angel Recreational Area (old Bronson Field on Perdido Bay). The picnic will be catered by Smokey's Barbeque again and the price remains at $20.00 dollars. If the turnout is like last year, we will be able to help fund another scholarship for a relative of an alunmi. Take a look at the 2009 photos. (12/2009)

>>OMG! Tom Moody is at it again! He'll be playing in the Roy Hobbs World Series in Ft. Meyers the week of the 12th! (11/2009)

>>Bill Van Every passed away in August 2009.

>>David Ivey, Harold Key, and Dennis Holley (Class of '61) attended a meeting of the Brownsville Boy's Social Club, a group of men who grew up in Brownsville. We actually brought the average age of the Club down even at our advanced age! A good way to enjoy lunch and rehash old times. And they know about old times! If interested in attending future meetings, email the webmaster.

>>Wouldn't you know it? There is a song and video about the Vagabond Drive In Restaurant! See it on the Links page!

>>We were contacted by the EHS Class of '60 Reunion organizers and asked to post an announcement of their 50th Reunion Friday, Oct. 15 & Sat., Oct. 16, 2010, and to let them know if any of us have kept in contact or know of any "60 alumni. If you know how to contact someone in the Class of '60, please let the organizers know at their Facebook page. You must get a Facebook account and join their group to contact them. Hey, I don't make the rules! While you're at it, let the Class of '62 know if you have kept in contact with any Class of '62 alumni who have an orange background on the Classmates page! Our own 50th is nearing!

>>Marilyn Hall Scott passed away in July 2009.

>>Thanks to Mike Jones, we now have a larger photo of the graduating class. After clicking on {Larger class photo}, move pointer off photo and back on. wait for small orange square in the lower left corner to appear, click on it! Find your friends!

>>Classmate Tom Moody still plays baseball at 65! Check out the Candids page.

>>Ernest "Jack" Taylor, Jr. passed away in May 2009.

>>Thanks to Cheryl Henderson Love, we now have football schedules from 1958-1962 and a 1961 EHS-PHS ticket stub. If you have any items you would like to share on the Web site, please send them!

>> UPDATE The 2009 Class of '62 Picnic. Wow!!! The Picnic was a roaring success and all 71 of us had a great time eating, talking , boatriding, remeeting old friends (as in reminescing, not what you are thinking!), Nice breeze off Perdido Bay to keep us cool and enough room to mingle and relax at will. No one did the shuffleboard or horseshoes. Maybe next year. As it was Mother's Day weekend, gifts were given to the Mother who came the furtherest (Pat Morris Dirkson, Colorado), most children (Opal Bryant Edgar, 5), and married the longest (Louise McGowan Foster, 48 years to Pat Foster). If you missed the Picnic, you missed a good time. That is O.K., be there next year! Photos are coming in and will be posted soon! If you have any to share, email them to me. Here are the photos.

>> The 2009 EHS Class of '62 Scholarship was awarded to Gretchen Boughner, granddaughter of Classmate Juanita Waldrop.

>> Carol Kendrick Lemieux has joined the Forum and has posted in the Then and Now page!.

>> Sharon Johns Fryman has joined the Reunion Committee. We are glad to have her input as the 50th Reunion approaches.

>>Oh My! Planning for the 50th Reunion is underway and first up are the dates for the Reunion. The Reunion Committee is looking at the May-June period for a start. We are doing this early so everyone will have an opportunity to attend. Three years should be ample lead time. So, if you have dates that are better or more convienent, PLEASE LET US KNOW! Possible locations are the New World Landing or the rebuilt Scenic Hills Country Club (only seats up to 160). Let us know if you have other location suggestions. Send an email to the Webmaster or any of the Committee members listed in CONTACTS.

>>Charlotte Fisher Scaff died July 11, 2008 in Louisiana.

>> More Picnic 2008 pictures are now up!

>> We all remember local TV personality Lynn Toney and some may have been on the Lynn Toney Show. Sadly, he passed away July 25, 2008 at age 83, another Pensacola icon gone.

>>After intense pressure, the baseball team has joined the track and basketball teams on the site!

>> A Woolsworth menu from the 1950s has been posted. The good ol' days?

>> Alright, the "THEN" and "NOW" page of alumni photos is up! All we need is more pictures. Six brave souls have already volunteered and sent then and now photos. If you have no "THEN" photos, we can use our already scanned Senior yearbook photos. All you need to send is a recent digital photo or a COPY of a developed photo and we will do the rest. Just send your photos to Harold Key

>> The 2008 Class of '62 Picnic was a success and everyone enjoyed a day of friendship and reacquaintance for some. If any of the attendees have comments to make or suggestions for next year, please post them in the FORUM or send them to the Webmaster. We do this for you, so give us some input! List of Attendees. Here are some photos. (Please send me some photos and help supply some names as I wasn't there).

>> Have some news to pass on? Send it to the Webmaster and we'll post it for all to see.

>> There are TWIRP Week scans and billfold size football schedules on the Memory Lane page.

>> Then and Now photo of track team now posted on the PHOTOS page.

>> Our own Richard Peek was inducted into the EHS Athletic Hall of Fame at the October 5, 2007 Football game against the Niceville Eagles! Game wasn't that great, lost 42-7. Anyway, it was great seeing Richard and Carole again. Tommy Welch, Jack and Candy Culberson, Harold and Joyce Key, and Linda Godwin Lewis were there. Coach Eddie Bass was also inducted.

>> Patricia Morris Dirkson is now in Colorado. Let's wish her well. She will be returning from time to time. Her email address is the same.

>> Recently, thanks to our Web site, Robert "Bob" Stephens was reacquainted with a friend from his childhood. So, it may happen to you or me!

>> There is a 50th Anniversary Yearbook being produced by the EHS Yearbook staff for the upcoming 50th Anniversary celebration next year. Five have been purchased and will be raffled at our 50th Reunion.

>> Pics of the 30th, 35th, 40th and 45th Reunions are up. Thanks to Jerry Dyar and Joyce Walden Key. There is also a picture of the basketball team.

>> A page for candid photos has been started. Send digital photos or scans of snapshots to the Webmaster for posting. There hasn't been a flood of candids! Come on, help us out here!

>> Some Rebelog Last Will and Testaments are posted on the Memory Lane page.

>> There are more postings on the Memory Lane page. A look at graduation and reunion mementos thanks to Jackie Gierisch Melville and David Ivey. Also a photo of the "Blue Notes", if you remember them. Our own Jerry Dyar played trumpet.

>> A group of alumni made it down to Seville Square June 28 to reminisce with the "Reunion Band".