Escambia High School Class of 1962

Welcome Escambia High School Class of 1962 Alumni

Welcome to the Escambia High School Rebels Class of 1962 web site. This site was created to let Class of '62 classmates keep in touch with each other and to keep them informed of events the Reunion Committee has scheduled. It is a work in progress so check back often! Also check our Facebook page!

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The class roll is posted on the Classmates page. It is a listing of all members of the Class of '62, including those who did not graduate with the Class. If you know of any member whose address is not current, please let us know. Our database is always in need of updating! You can use this form to report changes.

Lost your Escambian? Remember the gold cover? The cute(?) signings? Seeing how many pictures you were in? Well, relive it at the Yearbook page! See other photos on the Photos page!

A memorial to those in our Class who have passed away. If you know of others who have passed away, please let the Webmaster know. It will be appreciated.

Memory Lane
Remember the 'Milk Bottle', 'Old Firehouse', Navy Point Stores, Dwayne Eddy's 'Rebel Rouser', and the proms? Just posted a photo of the "Blue Notes", a band that played around town in that era. Includes our own Jerry Dyar! Well just stroll over to the Memory Lane page!

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45th Reunion
Go to the 45th Reunion page to see photos of the weekend.!

50th Reunion
Go to the 50th Reunion page to see photos of the weekend.!

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Interesting Facts!
  642 People ever in Class of '62
    65 Deceased
  358 Current location known
  219 Lost

Could you help us locate some of the Lost? Check the Classmates page