Escambia High School Class of 1962

EHS Class of 1962's 60th Reunion

The EHS Class of 1962 Reunion Committee, based on an email survey of alumni who have provided email addresses, undertook a 60th Reunion. Let me tell you, at our ages and COVID-19, it was quite a challenge. The committee perservered and the attendees had a marvelous night! One night was about all we could handle! Actually, we could only find a venue for one night. It happened to be the Pensacola Yacht Club and they provided a wonderful dinner and atmosphere. Linda Godwin Lewis and Dee Morris Calloway did the hard work of finding the venue, decorations, place settings and other necessary but unseen work. Harold and Joyce Key did the emailing, memorial photos, and other computer work, the easy stuff!

Here is the video slide show from the 60th Reunion at the Pensacola Yacht Club. Check out your fellow classmates and see if you can recognize them without looking at the caption!

Here are the photos from the EHS tour. Our gracious host was the Assistant Principal, Shanae Teasley (and her daughter), assisted by several Student Government Association volunteers and sponsor, Kylie Tullos, who were outstanding. After 60+ years, I was finally in the girl's locker room! For the female alumni, the showers now have doors! There were changes but basically the same as when we were there. The classroom with tables is the flight academy room! The gym and band room were the same although I cannot vouch for the band room. The photo below has the alumni who toured the school and their names.

Left To Right: Front Row: Babs Lund Evans, Linda Ragon Brunelle, Becky Roper, Linda Godwin Lewis, Jackie Geirsch Melville, Joyce Walden Key, Harold Key;
Second Row: Laurie Sherman , Linda Lautzenheiser Hagen;
Third Row: Robert McDade, Claudia Mills Keyes, Dee Morris Calloway, Jack Smith, Reggie Alford;
Fourth Row: Rich Werner.